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I just signed up. What happens next?
You will receive a confirmation email to join the list. Once you click the confirm link, you will be sent the current month's email with a link to the current book and you will be added to the list for all future book emails.
Can I get the books from previous months?
Only the current book is available for immediate download, but after the year wraps, you will have one more opportunity to get any you missed. Make sure to keep an eye on the newsletter for details.
I'm having a problem downloading a book. Can you help?
We use a service called BookFunnel to deliver all of our books. It may take a few steps depending on your reading device. If you have trouble, just tap the Help link at the top of the book download page and they can assist you in loading the book on to your device.
I'm already signed up. How do I get this month's book?
We will send out the newsletter in the first part of each month, but in case you misplaced your copy, you can re-enter your email address on the sign up form to get the link to the current month's download link. Don't worry, you won't be signed up twice as long as you use the same email that you signed up with.
I'm an author and think my books would be a good fit for DBBC. Do you have an interest form?
We do! You can fill this out to express your interest in any future openings we have.